HOWTO Compile Boxi from source under Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

This article explain step by step how to compile Boxi, a graphical user interface for Box Backup from source under Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope).


sudo aptitude install subversion g++ gcc autoconf libtool automake libwxgtk2.8-dev libwxbase2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-dbg wx-common libcppunit-dev zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libpcre++-dev xsltproc


There are two small modifications required in the code in order to compile correctly, but both might depend on my setup, the way that Ubuntu compiled the wxWidget library, and the G++ version, or a combination of all three. Let's start with the easy stuff:

cd src
svn co
cd boxi
sed -i 's/wxchart//g'
./ || automake Makefile && ./configure && ./

Now we need to make the following changes (shown with the compile error they create if the change is not done):

  1. error: ‘OnAssertFailure’ is not a member of ‘wxApp’
    change src/ line 341 to:
    // wxApp::OnAssertFailure(file, line, func, cond, msg);
  2. ../include/BackupProgressPanel.h:69: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘auto_ptr’ with no type
    add this in include/BackupProgressPanel.h on line 32

Now, you are good to go an compile the whole thing:


Congratulation, you just built Boxi for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). Run it via src/boxi and see the GUI come up:

TODO: Add UI screenshots.